About Us

The Physiocare Group of Centers was established in the beginning with the opening of the Al-Etikal branch (Fifth Circle) in 2009. And because of the quality of the satisfactory outputs, the patients have increased their orientation to this branch, especially the auditors coming from different parts of the Kingdom. Therefore, to facilitate them, the decision was taken to open a second branch of the group in Zarqa Governorate (Creativity Branch) 2013 and after that the opening of the Mafraq branch in 2015, the Hussein branch in 2016 and recently in 2020 branch Khalda. All of this came to meet the needs of our auditors and to facilitate receiving the service for them, and in light of the rapid expansion, it was necessary to improve and raise the quality of the provided performance and raise the level of competencies so that we have a number of PhD and master’s degree holders as well as those with a bachelor’s degree. A professional skills development program has been established, which includes holding periodic workshops and intensive training for the staff providing the service. And recently, the Physiocare group was approved in university training to become also a pioneer in training university students in several Jordanian universities, which added an improvement in the academic side of the staff, praise be to God

Strategies and Plan

We follow a holistic approach to achieve all client’s needed goals. Physical, environmental, social, emotional, and psychological aspects. To build up an interactive person within the surrounding environment. And raises their maximum potentials during his daily active living.


To improve and promote physical, psychological, and mental problems. To merge, incorporate, integrate, and include the clients with local society by achieving the best outcomes.


To be the best and first choice for either patients or medical care providers. To be pioneer in introducing the medical services within the local and international society.


Quality introducing medical services, sympathy, corporation, justice, and responsibilities, and to provide decent life for the individuals and guarantee their rights.


Prepare and train the stuff to enhance the optimum desired outcomes for patients and healthcare receivers.

Our Centers

Al Aitikal Center
Fifth Circle
Al Aibdae Center
Al Zarqa Aljadida
Khalda Specialist Center
Al Mafraq Specialist Center
Al Mafraq
Itqant Center
Irbid-Amman New Bus Stop