Ismail Mahmoud soud AlHaj Ismail
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  • Member of Jordanian Society for physical therapy (2009, till now)
Biography of Ismail AlHaj Ismail

I joined Physiocare in 2010 as they only had one branch, as a Physiotherapist, before leaving the ship to spend 2 years outside of my country with new experience, culture, and knowledge with the same job title. I returned in 2016 to start a new center with my previous boss. I have started a new position in a different position as General Manager of this branch. In order to grow, we had the idea of ​​establishing new centers with a new connection with other centers in the country, spread across all cities along with the managerial requirement of the Jabal Al Hussein branch, I am supervisor and head of the neurorehabilitation department in the remaining branches, there are 8. In order to promote and sustain the development of our health care provision, we plan to expose continuous training and knowledge to the team to be more skilled and unique. To fill the gap between academic and clinical practice, I worked as instructor at Al Israa university at rehabilitation department. For promoting the physical therapy specialty, I volunteered to be the head of scientific committee of the Jordan physical therapy association.

  • Doctor of physical therapy at Winston-Salem State University (USA/North Carolina). Still student.
  • Master of rehabilitation science (specialist in neurorehabilitation) from Jordan university of science and technology (Jordan/Irbid), with internship at Escola Superior De Saude Do Alcoitao (ESSA) in (Portugal/Lisbon. 2017-2019).
  • Bachelor’s degree of physical therapy from Jordan university of science and technology (Jordan/Irbid. 2006-2010)

  • Instructor at the physical therapy department at ALISRAA’ university since September 2019 until now.
  • Research assistance in Jordan university of science and technology with Alham AL Sharman and Hanan Khalil researchers during the master program period study.
  • General manager of physio care Jabal Alhassan specialty centre for physical therapy and rehabilitation since 3/2016 until now (AMMAN/JORDAN).
  • Supervisor Physiotherapist at physio care centre (inpatient of Arab medical centre hospital) since July/2014 until august 2016 (full time) (AMMAN/JORDAN).
  • Physiotherapist in Basma rehabilitation centersince May/2012 until May/2014 as a full time (MAKKAH/SAUDI ARABIA).
  • Physiotherapist experience in Physio care center for rehabilitation (outpatient of Arab medical centre hospital) since April 2010 until April/2012 as full time (AMMAN/JORDAN)
  • Trauma informed physiotherapy interventions under title of (moving, stretching, and strengthening: some long-term goals and different approach), held in 23 august 2019 Amman, Jordan).
  • Advance mulligan's concept practitioner in manual therapy (21-22 august 2019/ Amman, Jordan).
  • Research in title of examining the relationship between motor learning and, sleep quality and cognitive function and related biomarkers in individuals with Parkinson diseases 15 august 2019, Jordan university of science and technology.
  • Diploma of paediatric rehabilitation assessment and treatment (9th till 16th march, 2019 Alexandria, Egypt).
  • Advance paediatric suite therapy orthosis in rehabilitation of children with neurodevelopmental disorders (10th till 13th January 2019 Amman, Jordan).
  • Basic paediatric suite therapy orthosis in rehabilitation of children with neurodevelopmental disorders (1st till 7th February 2018 Cairo, Egypt).